2021 new pitcher stats popup

the new pop up box for pitcher stats is nice but it causes and extra click to get to the previous years stats. Then when you go back, it takes you to home page. I don’t like this new feature which seems to have been changed about two or three days ago. Otherwise am loving your site for years now. It enables me to wager and win on KBO from the states.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have been thinking about whether to have this popup only on the live gameday pages (where it is the most useful), but wasn’t sure whether it would be confusing to have player links do different things in different contexts.

However, going back from the player page should never return you to the home page. Can you let me know what steps you are taking when you see this behavior?

I added a new setting for Player Links, so you can now go back to the old behavior if that works better for you.