A couple suggestions for MYKBOstats.com

Two things that bother me while tracking the games on the site. One, when a run is scored and and out is recorded, the BSO counter usually fails to record the out. Usually it is on sac flies, but today I noticed it on a ground out after a triple, in the Doosan game. (Now I kind of regret erasing that format info when I felt that really didn’t apply to what I was going to say.) The other thing is when you look at the stats under the batter/pitcher matchup, the “vs. stats” on the pitcher always has the players own team name instead of the opponent. Example, Doosan pitcher, 3.70 era, etc (2.20 era vs Doosan) I always assume it is the opponent.

This yagu site is a little hard to negotiate. I hope this ends up somewhere where it gets read.

Other than that, the site and experience seems pretty good.

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Appreciate you taking the time to write in, always happy to get feedback, good or bad. I will respond to the two issues separately.

when a run is scored and and out is recorded, the BSO counter usually fails to record the out. Usually it is on sac flies, but today I noticed it on a ground out after a triple, in the Doosan game.

The BSO counter and other live displays do tend to lag behind the action a little bit more than I would like, but they should at least always be in sync with each other. Are you saying they got out of sync, or just that they were lagging a lot?

Good catch, I think I found where this is occurring and will fix it shortly.

The out is just not being recorded. The inning still seems to know when it is over, but if the inning goes triple, sac fly, single, ground out. The board will show, man on 3rd 0 out, bases empty 0 out, man on first 0 out, man on first one out. It is possible it could be catching up or getting corrected at some point and I don’t notice, but I think it just gets to inning over after a few hitters and is resolved in that sense. If it would help if I provided an inning (half inning) where it happens, I will post here the next time I see it occur, and follow that instance more closely.

Hmm, that’s pretty weird, ok. It could be an issue of something lagging behind, or a mistake on my part somewhere, or something weird going on with our data provider. I’ll look for this issue during today’s games.

Ok, here it is in the Doosan 6th…
bases loaded no out then a sac fly. Runners now 1st and third but still no out.

now the 9 hitter strikes out, and one out is recorded (edit)

And like usual, the inning ends quickly! Caught stealing and Alcantra is pitching, just like that. Wish a few more guys had batted to see if it ever corrected. (edit 2)

Again in the 8th, 2nd and 3rd no out, then a groundout (no advance) for one out, now a sac fly to score the run, but still one out, and sitting through a pitching change. And a two run homer! and still saying one out instead of the correct two. And the big guy ended the inning after that. (edit 3 all at once as it happened quicker than I could type it.) Also have no choice but to edit these updates since the message board tells me I have to wait for someone else to participate before I can post again.

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Thanks for the followup. I think it is probably just an issue of the action happening quicker than the scorekeepers can enter data, which does happen now and then. There are even times when a confusing play gets recorded incorrectly, and later on in the game, when it is discovered, the game record gets rewound back to that point and then slowly re-entered. That kind of thing is unfortunately out of our hands… of course, we are just grateful that live game data is available at all! :slight_smile:

All that being said, I have identified a few changes I can make to get the live game data closer to syncing up with the broadcast. I don’t think it will ever be truly real-time, but every little bit helps.

The stats for 23/10/2020 for the pitchers are not lined up correctly. The line starts “ERA” when it should be IP, etc.

EG https://mykbostats.com/games/8496-LG-vs-Kia-20201023

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Looking at it right now, it seems correct, would you be able to post a screenshot?

It was not like that on the date in question, somehow it may have righted itself.

The box scores are out of alignment again, so maybe it rights itself after a day.

I tried to send you a screenshot on email but it says it can’t be done and I received an undelivered message. But here it is, you can see that it is all out of alignment. EG 7 ERA 105 IP etc

Thanks for following up. I experienced the issue myself last night, so I was able to figure out what’s going on. I’ll put in a fix within the next couple days. Thanks again @SidBream! :slight_smile:

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