Introduce yourself

If you have a moment, stop by and introduce yourself! Tell us who (and where) you are, and a little about how you got into baseball (and for some of us, how your life changed since that day).

(I will introduce myself here a little later. Partly because I don’t want this site to be all about me, but also, many of you reading this in the first month or so already know me. :slight_smile:)

Hi all! My name’s Hannah, and I’ve been a member of myKBO since ‘13 when I was working in Seoul. Born and raised in Chicago, I’m a Cubs fan for life but adopted the OB/Doosan Bears (my relatives are die-hard fans). Looking forward to this forum!


Since we’re opening up access a little more, this might be a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Aaron and I live in Seoul. I’m from Hawaii, but moved to Korea in 2010. The plan was to stay a year, which turned into two years, which became… forever, I guess?

Hawaii doesn’t have much in the way of pro sports, so I wasn’t a big sports fan growing up, but I have always liked sports games. So it happened that after trying a KBO-themed game in 2013, I was excited to discover that I lived right next to the home stadium of the LG Twins. After attending more than a few games that year, we decided to go all in the following year and get season tickets (and have continue to do so every year since).

I also started playing baseball on the weekends around during the 2013-2014 offseason. I didn’t play as a kid, so starting fresh at age 33 was quite a process, but now I play well enough to enjoy myself, and even coach some of my teammates. My main position is 3B, but I can play pretty much anywhere (aside from pitching, which is something I’ve yet to figure out… not for lack of trying).

A few more random things… my life outside of baseball centers on web software development and hosting, which is how MyKBO Stats and this forum came to be. And if you play the recently released SMB3 let me know! (I keep meaning to write a review here, but I just end up playing the game instead…)


My name is Dan. I currently live in Washington state and am sports fan. My favorite teams are the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelpha 76ers and the Doosan Bears. I grew up following my local team, the Phils and baseball became my favorite sport. I never played official organized baseball, but would play in the backyard with my cousins and friends. I used to always dream of being Mike Schmidt and hitting the game winning home run (I usually always missed and struck out. haha).

I never knew about the KBO until I returned to Korea for the first time since I was adopted as a baby. Once I went to my first game (Doosan at Jamsil), I was hooked and thus MyKBO originated. WIthout the help of Aaron (above), MyKBO would not be the same. Thank you Aaron!!

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