KBO News Roundup: LG-Kiwoom Trade, rule changes for 2nd half and postseason

Big news day in KBO land, will attach English language articles as they become available.

First off, Kiwoom and LG made a 1-for-1 trade of two veteran star players:

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Next up, with the aim of completing a full 144-game season, KBO has decided to eliminate extra innings, allow double-headers starting Aug 25 (previously, no double-headers in July and August), and allow teams to play games on up to 9 consecutive days (up from the previous limit of 8).

Finally, to shorten the postseason, the Korean Series will remain a best of 7, but the playoffs and semi-playoffs will be shortened to best of 3s (!!). Luck will be a huge factor in the 2021 postseason. Postseason series starting on or after 11/15 will be held at Gocheok Dome.

The KBO season is set to resume on August 10 after the national team returns home from the Olympics.