MyKBO Stats Changelog 2020-09-20

Not sure I’ll be able to keep this up, but I’d like to publish regular changelogs to keep a record of how evolves over time.

This first entry covers changes from the past month, but ideally I’d like to do this every 2 weeks throughout the season.

Major Changes:

Other notable changes:

  • Added Calendar Feed link to each team page (compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook, macOS/iOS Calendar, etc.)
  • Teams page: Display fan list in a modal, since it’s been a while since they could all fit in a simple tooltip
  • Foreign players page: K/BB ratio for pitchers and BB/K for hitters (to be consistent with other player lists)
  • Pregame: Limit batting stats to players currently on active roster
  • Weather: Hide current conditions until 12 hours prior to game time
  • Weather: Take into account forecast wind speeds
  • Player Stats: Corrected OBP calculation for selected players