MyKBO Stats Roadmap

The original site, launched in 2014 (currently will be receiving critical fixes only, and will likely be retired fully after the end of the 2020 season.

The new site (launched June 11, 2020) is still missing a few things, but is already a huge improvement on the original.

Remaining high priority features:

Compare Players/Player Seasons
Park Splits
Team Splits
Terms of Service, Privacy Policy

Once these changes are in, the new site will become the main site.

High priority fixes, post-launch

Doubleheader player game stats still not being recorded properly

Planned, but currently unscheduled:

Bring back depth charts
Switch to official player romanizations
Add player social media links
Add team history (championships, etc.)
Pregame: Show starting pitchers’ last 5 starts vs. opponent
Push notifications (supported on desktop and Android, but not iOS)
iOS app improvements

Features in limbo

These may or may not be re-created on the new site. Reply here if they are important to you!

  • Fantasy Baseball League
  • Facebook login
  • Wiki (may end up moving here instead)
  • Android app (doesn’t do anything a web app can’t)
  • Player birthdays (today, tomorrow)

The Compare function is back! Now properly labeled as Compare Player Seasons and reimagined, with a much fancier and easier-to-use search function (the same search found in the main nav).

Give it a try here:

Just finished the Team and Park Splits pages, so we’re ready to launch the new site! Look for it to go live within the next day or two. And it’s live now!